Sapphire IPL









Sapphire is the most versatile multi-function IPL unit on the market.

With its compact design Sapphire has been created with portability in mind. No other IPL unit on the market can compete with Sapphire, as it offers the best IPL technology available in the smallest possible space. This unit is perfect for use in different salons, clinics and other premises therefore increasing its profitability. Sapphire has been rigorously tested to ensure it is perfectly safe. Treatments are virtually painless with no side effects.

Sapphire comes complete with one applicator. You can choose between a 50,000 shot Hair Removal applicator (Red – 610nm) or a 25,000 shot Skin Rejuvenation applicator (Yellow – 530nm). A second applicator is available as an optional extra.

Each unit comes with a two year warranty. The applicator has a warranty valid for 2 years on non-serviceable parts. For serviceable parts the warranty is 50,000 shots for the Hair Removal applicator and 25,000 for the Skin Rejuvenation applicator. This enables you to get most profit you can from treatments without having to worry about paying large service costs each month. We do not tie you in to exclusive service contracts. Full training at our Cambridge clinic is included.

We are also offering Sapphire units out for six month rental. The rental agreement includes: maintenance & servicing, free training & certificates, point-of-sale & marketing materials, pricing advice & sales support, treatment & service manuals, IPL compliance certificate & safety signage. With the rental package there is an option to buy the Sapphire unit at any time at a discounted rate.